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Kiowa Shooting will offer three different types of classes:

Basic Hunter: This class is for people that are new to hunting and shooting, or just want to start over from the beginning. This Class will focus on marksmanship fundamentals such as target acquisition, breath control, trigger control, and shooting from multiple positions. We will also go discuss the basics of ballistics and how environmental conditions, such as wind and altitude, effect bullet flight. Students will gain confidence in their rifle, and themselves to accurately shoot distances of 300-400 yards.
Intermediate Hunter:  This class is designed for the hunter that has experience shooting, but wants to expand their knowledge and hone their skills to push out their effective shooting distances.  This class will go into a more in-depth instruction of ballistics, environmental conditions, optics, as well as proper bullet and caliber selection.  This class will focus on shooting at distances ranging from 400-800 yards.
Long Range Hunter:  This is for the hunter that wants to push their limits to the max.  This class focuses on shooting distances from 600 – 1000 yards. There is an in depth focus on shooting form, ballistics, optics, environmental effects, ballistic coefficients, and other equipment that a shooter will need to be able to effectively and consistently shoot at long distances.
For the Women:  This is our Basic Hunter class but set up specifically for women.  We are pleased to see that more and more women are entering the hunting and shooting community.  This is a class designed to help learn the basics of shooting or to advance the skills the shooter all ready has.  This class will focus on how to select and adjust a rifle that fits the shooter, caliber selection and recoil, shooting equipment, shooting positions, ballistics basics, and environmental effects.